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Why You Should Have Multiple Units of Lashkind

If you aspire to grow a big business, multi-unit franchise ownership might be the correct route for you. There are many advantages to acquiring multiple beauty service franchises. Let’s explore why you should invest in more than just one LashKind.

Spreading the LashKind Love

The attraction to a LashKind franchise is inevitable when considering the ultra-supportive corporate team that drives the thriving Blo Blow Dry Bar franchise is also behind LashKind. With almost 15 years of successfully operating the Blo franchise, experienced leaders will guide LashKind franchisees through every step of running their franchises. When you open multiple LashKind franchises, you benefit from being able to move staff, resources, and even customers between units. For example, a downtown bar near offices might be busier during the work week than on weekends, allowing you to re-assign staff to work at the suburban location on a weekend.

Getting the Best for Less

Let’s not beat around the franchise bush. The multi-unit deal is a crucial advantage. First, you get a discount on all your units after buying your first unit. The more you buy, the more you win. The less you spend on every unit, the better for your dollar, especially as related to marketing spend. Additionally, you’re controlling more territory- giving you a sizeable competitive edge in the lash extension business.

The Multi-Unit Learning Curve

Across the board, owning multiple franchises like LashKind can rapidly ramp up the learning curve. Several units allow you to gather and analyze data on a broader scale, providing invaluable information about client preferences, regional trends, and operational efficiencies. This data can be a game-changer, enabling you to tailor your beauty services, marketing efforts, and staffing to meet the specific demands of each location. Sharing your resources, staffing, and procurement at all your locations translates to optimizing your time and effort. Fast data analysis leads you to identify growth opportunities more effectively.

Additionally, the corporate leaders at LashKind do not intend for you to open all your locations simultaneously. By staggering your openings, you can get ahead of the learning curve with the first one before you open other units. In essence, the beauty of multiple LashKind franchise units isn’t just in the numbers– it’s in the strategic advantage that data-driven decision-making can bring to your burgeoning franchise empire.

Help Yourself

You own the spotlight when you operate multiple LashKind bars within a market. Operate with a consistent, high standard of service at each franchise, and you’ll build the brand’s reputation across all your locations. A stellar reputation will attract customers and increase brand recognition in your territory.

Timing is the Key

We’re just getting started. As one of the newest franchises on the block, LashKind stands out in stark contrast to other emerging brands. LashKind has grown from a successful brand in Canada and is made stronger by the strategy and savvy of Blo Blow Dry Bar’s leadership team. We don’t just flirt with success– we are ambitious and committed to taking over the world of lashes. Now is the perfect opportunity to join us. Contact us today for more information.

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