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Open-concept lash and brow bar

How Our Open-Concept Bar Helps Franchisees

In the rapidly growing beauty industry, lash extensions have taken center stage as the sought-after beauty enhancement. As the popularity of gorgeous lashes continues to surge, people are looking for a name they can trust and a lash bar they can enjoy. That’s where the LashKind franchise’s innovative approach to lash bars will make waves in the industry. 

LashKind’s open-concept lash and brow bar is a game-changer for franchisees, offering a host of benefits that go beyond the traditional closed-off treatment rooms. Let’s explore why a fresh, open communal treatment room is preferable for LashKind’s franchisees and how it promotes social interaction, encourages community, provides a sense of spaciousness, ensures better traffic flow, and allows for cost-effectiveness.


At LashKind, we believe in innovation and delivering a unique value proposition. Our commitment to excellence means we are always driving improvements to the business model and developing approaches that stand out in the industry. For example, unlike the small, separate treatment rooms other businesses offer, LashKind’s open-concept bar is designed to foster a friendly and inviting atmosphere and encourage socialization among guests and employees.

Our guests can engage in conversations with each other and share their experiences, creating an uplifting and vibrant community within the bar. The communal setup also promotes a sense of camaraderie among the lash artists themselves. With everyone working together in a shared space, they can exchange tips, techniques and support each other, enhancing their skills and boosting morale.


The absence of barriers between clients gives the impression of a larger area, even in relatively compact spaces. This spaciousness can contribute to a more relaxed and enjoyable lash extension experience. Moreover, the design of LashKind’s open-concept lash and brow bar incorporates natural light and well-thought-out interior elements to create an even greater sense of openness, ensuring clients feel comfortable and at ease during their appointments.


The open communal treatment room concept also presents practical advantages for our franchisees, particularly in terms of space utilization and cost management. Partitioned rooms necessitate larger premises, which can be expensive to lease or purchase. On the opposite end of the spectrum, LashKind’s open design allows for smaller, more agile spaces, significantly reducing real estate costs for franchisees.

Our cost-effective bar design reduces franchisees’ initial investment, freeing up funds to focus on important areas of the business such as marketing and staff development.


LashKind’s commitment to innovation, client satisfaction, and franchisee success is evident in its open-concept lash bar, which offers benefits for all. From inviting social interaction and community building to providing a sense of spaciousness and ensuring smooth traffic flow, this forward-thinking approach is great for the morale of staff. Moreover, the cost-effectiveness of the open communal room concept allows franchisees to channel their investments wisely, promoting the long-term success of their LashKind franchise.

As the beauty industry continues to evolve, LashKind stands at the forefront of positive change, demonstrating that an open concept lash and brow bar is the path to a thriving and rewarding franchise. Contact us to embark on your journey as a LashKind franchisee and be part of this exciting evolution, where we make beauty our business.

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