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The Model

In a fragmented industry, LashKind is designed to stand out. LashKind is based on a simple operational model focusing on high-demand brow and lash styling services. No prior beauty industry experience is required to be a successful LashKind franchisee.

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golden lash
Model with lash extensions

Inside a LashKind location

Simple Business Model

  • Affordable project cost
  • Multiple revenue streams
  • Membership program drives recurring revenue
  • Service mix that appeals to a broad customer base
  • High demand retail products
  • No prior experience required
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The thoughtfully designed space conveys a sense of high-end luxury while ensuring build costs are low. A beautiful open-plan layout encourages an upbeat, social dynamic, and fosters a sense of community.

The LashKind franchise system is built on the foundation and expertise of the successful Blo Blow Dry Bar franchise model, mirroring Blo’s best practices and proven approaches to building business.  Developed and led by Blo’s experienced leadership team, a training and coaching program will ensure franchisees are primed for success.  Franchise Business Coaches provide ongoing one-on-one support, and an in-house marketing team helps franchisees win and retain customers.

Blo Blow Dry Bar is proud to have a tight-knit family of franchisees who support and mentor one another. We believe in partnering with our franchisees, working in collaboration for our collective benefit. LashKind franchisees will have access to a supportive family of franchisees, including Blo and MYNC franchisees, as well as to the dedicated team at the corporate head office.

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Solid Foundation

Born out of the Blo Blow Dry Bar franchise concept and the successful MYNC Lash & Brow Bar, the LashKind franchise is poised for growth and success. Our franchisees have access to a proven, time-tested business model.

Open-Plan Design

An open-plan design saves build costs while offering clients an immersive and social beauty experience.

A Booming Industry

The lash extension market is growing quickly and is projected to exceed $2 Billion in sales by 2027. A growing consumer focus on services that help you look good to feel good is driving consumer demand and industry growth. Source: Verified Market Research Report, July 2021]

A Network of Franchisees

When you invest in a LashKind franchise, you gain access to a rich network of experienced franchisees who are part of the Blo Blow Dry Bar and MYNC franchise families.