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Four Exciting Steps to Open a Lashkind Franchise

At LashKind, beauty means business. Born from the innovative minds behind Blo Blow Dry Bar and modeled after its successful Canadian sister brand MYNC, LashKind is ready to captivate the United States with its gorgeous lash and brow services. We’re passionate about beauty and care about our franchisees’ success. Our brand represents sophistication, luxury, and a commitment to excellence. 

Here’s a glance into the process you’ll go through to realize your dream of opening a LashKind franchise. The following four steps take you from initial contact to your exciting grand opening.


Your exciting journey starts with the initial call. Reach out to us, share your aspirations, and open the door to a conversation that could change your life. This call is where we get to know you, your vision, and your passion for owning a lash and brow bar franchise. It’s also the moment you begin exploring the incredible opportunity that awaits you with LashKind.

We design this approach to ensure you get all the initial information you need and the answers to all your questions. This call enables you to determine if LashKind is the right business opportunity. At the same time, we learn valuable information about you so we can confirm you’re a good match for our brand. You can set up a call directly here.


Once connected, we’ll provide you with the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). You’ll delve deeper into our franchise opportunity– this document is your window into the inner workings of our franchise. Inside, you’ll find a treasure trove of important information about our brand, business model, financial information, legal framework, and expectations for our franchisees. This essential review is a straightforward process that verifies you are well-informed to begin your franchise journey.

We at LashKind understand that this is an enormous decision. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to engage with our senior management team. They will share all the support we offer and address any questions you may have regarding our system.


After a successful FDD review, in-depth discussions, and a thorough evaluation of the franchise opportunity, it’s time to make it official. Your decision to sign the franchise agreement signifies a significant milestone in our partnership. It’s the moment our interests align, and we dedicate our efforts to your success.

This agreement with LashKind isn’t just about joining a business– we wish to welcome you to a vibrant and supportive community. We congratulate you on taking this significant step forward, and we’re excited to see your journey unfold. Let’s celebrate your achievements as a valued member of the LashKind family.


At LashKind, we’re here for every step of your journey to help you succeed. Here’s a glimpse of the unwavering support you can expect as a LashKind franchisee leading up to your grand opening and beyond:

  • Assistance Sourcing Financing: Our knowledgeable team will connect you to funding partners who will explore custom financing solutions tailored to your unique needs.
  • Site Selection and Lease Negotiation:We’ll provide our expertise to help you find the perfect location for your luxurious, new LashKind franchise. With our open-concept bar design, you’ll enjoy more flexibility in choosing your site. Our focus encompasses area demographics, neighboring businesses, and other critical factors using our advanced data tools. When it’s time to negotiate a lease, you can count on us for best-practice guidance.
  • Build Management:Your LashKind team will be your trusted guides to finding a General Contractor to oversee your build project. We’ll conduct weekly check-ins on your project to ensure it aligns with our beautiful design specifications and remains on schedule and within budget.
  • Pre-Opening Training: Our dedicated group of Operations and Marketing experts will equip you with the competency to launch and operate your business successfully. Our comprehensive training program covers financial management, leadership and staffing, bar operations, and sales & marketing.
  • Onsite Training: Your stylists will undergo immersive, hands-on training to meet our exacting high standards. We’re more than just a lash extension bar– we want your staff to excel at delivering all our services.
  • Ongoing Operations Support: Our Operations and Marketing professionals will continue to provide you with the tools required for your franchise’s continuous operation. You’ll learn time-tested strategies to attract and retain your clientele and drive sales in your location.
  • Customer Service Protocols: You will receive training on our customer service protocols and how to manage your specialists, so they consistently provide exceptional experiences and keep your guests returning.
  • Vendor Partners: Benefit from our longstanding relationships with industry-leading product and software collaborators, giving you a distinct competitive edge.


Each step here will take you closer to a tremendous future with LashKind. We support your goals from the initial call to signing the franchise agreement and beyond. With a supportive team dedicated to your success, comprehensive training, and the allure of our sophisticated lash and brow services, you’ll have the opportunity to create a thriving business in the beauty industry. As you step into the world of LashKind, you’re not just joining a franchise; you’re joining a community deeply committed to your success. The future looks beautiful with LashKind, so contact us today.

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