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The Lashkind Franchise Difference

Where trends come and go, the pursuit of beauty remains timeless. The desire for gorgeous lashes and brows is a growing market and a billion-dollar business. In fact, according to Grand View Research, the global false eyelashes market is “expected to register a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.2% from 2022 to 2030.” But, in a world where convenience can compromise quality, achieving luscious lashes is challenging with DIY offerings.

Here is where LashKind fills a considerable demand, not just as a beauty business but as a service franchise. DIY offerings and technicians with questionable credentials can damage the natural lashes and brows, while our exemplary products and highly trained staff champion healthier, more vibrant lashes and brows. We focus on stunning services to enhance appearance and provide a luxurious and social atmosphere. That’s LashKind.


The meticulous care and expertise behind every beauty service sets LashKind apart from competitors. Our franchisees hire lash and brow specialists and provide them with our proprietary training to ensure they perform services beautifully and to the highest standards. LashKind uses an assortment of premium products specially developed to be gentle on guests’ natural brows and lashes. With services like our glamorous lash lift and elegant brow lamination, clientele get a stunning look delivered with LashKind’s “Our Kind of Care” service protocols. Moreover, we understand that the care of lashes and brows is paramount, and our carefully curated product line provides healthy aftercare maintenance for our guests and a revenue stream for our franchise owners.


LashKind is the gorgeous sister brand to the established and popular Canadian MYNC Lash & Brow Bar. With over a decade of experience, our team behind the successful Blo Blow Dry Bar franchise acquired MYNC in 2022 and transformed it into a franchise system. Modeled on Blo’s success, we recreated MYNC as LashKind specifically for the US market. With prime territories available across the country, combined with the experience and expertise of our Blo team, a franchisee can successfully launch and grow their location with confidence. When you franchise with LashKind, you get our skilled direction on real estate site selection and build management, initial operations, and marketing training, and ongoing support. Additionally, LashKind franchisees will benefit from the assistance of the Blo franchise community and their collective guidance and wisdom.


LashKind is unapologetically ambitious and ready for the spotlight. With strong consumer demand, multiple revenue streams to generate sales, and superb support from the franchisor, franchisees with LashKind are set up for success. This is an opportune time to invest in this unique franchise opportunity before prime territories sell out.


LashKind is a lash and brow franchise with a mission to make our guests look and feel beautiful by providing fun and fabulous bar environments, expertly delivered services and high-quality products, while helping ensure their natural lashes and brows remain healthy. We recognize that gorgeous lashes and brows bring joy, and our services simplify the lives of our customers. If you’re an entrepreneur – or aspiring to be one – who loves social atmospheres and wants to offer treatments that help people feel their best, LashKind could be your golden ticket. With top-rated quality, superb leadership, and fortuitous timing, you should contact us today for information about opening your LashKind franchise.

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