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Lashkind Is an Emerging Franchise, Here Is Why You Should Invest

Meet the unapologetically beautiful lash and brow bar that welcomes double takes. Introducing a top new franchise for your consideration –LashKind. Brought to you by the remarkable Blo Blow Dry Bar team, LashKind leverages Blo’s credibility, expertise, and customer base, providing a significant advantage to franchisees. Blo Blow Dry Bar has built a solid reputation globally, growing rapidly with over 150 locations.


When evaluating market potential, one must consider industry demand. Coveting dramatic lashes is nothing new, and convenient salons specializing in extensions are in high demand. Since the late 1800s, women have wanted gorgeous, thick lashes, and as one movie director summed it up– he wanted his actress’s “eyes to shine larger than life.” LashKind delivers stunning results and likes to stand out for its conscientious, meticulous service and helpful products.

The lash industry is valued at over a billion dollars, and experts predict a compound annual growth rate of 6.95% by 2028.. Additionally, LashKind does more than just lash extensions and is proud to offer lash lifts, brow services, and other beauty options. It really is an opportunity as full as its lashes.


No franchisor can legally promise a return on investment, but you know financial success is possible with a proven franchise system. If it has worked before, it can work again. Utilizing the Blo Blow Dry Bar model gives you access to a successful business model that our team has refined through years of experience. Blo Blow Dry Bar has abundant knowledge of operating successful beauty franchises, providing valuable insights and best practices to apply to the lash extension franchise.

The LashKind website showcases our comprehensive training programs, quality products, and ongoing support for franchisees, all contributing to a higher likelihood of success and profitability.


Brand recognition is the final factor in evaluating a franchise, but what does this mean with an emerging brand? LashKind is rooted in the success of Canadian-based lash brand MYNC Beauty, Inc., which was acquired by Blo Blow Dry Bar in 2022. With MYNC’s proven years of growth and the strategic guidance by the leadership at Blo Blow Dry Bars, LashKind represents a thrilling opportunity to join the entourage before the fame hits. Prime territories are available in major cities, and we have a fresh, exciting brand in a market space dominated by “mom & pop” shops and lackluster chains. With enticing marketing already set in place by Blo Blow Dry Bar, LashKind is ready for its close-up.

Brand recognition also means strong support for franchisees and LashKind once again enjoys the fruits of Blo and MYNC’s labor. From help with sourcing financing to site selection and customer service protocols – you get the strength of known brands with the advantage of growing with LashKind.


With its wealth of experience in operating successful beauty franchises, Blo Blow Dry Bar provides valuable insights and best practices to apply to this top new franchise– LashKind. Our mission is to make our guests look and feel beautiful by providing fun and fabulous bar environments, expertly delivered services and high-quality products, while helping ensure our guests’ natural lashes and brows remain healthy.

Luxurious, thoughtfully designed lash and brow services coupled with Blo’s success, LashKind is an appealing proposition for any franchise entrepreneur. Book a call today to get started.

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