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Open Your Eyes To Revenue With LashKind

Lash bars have emerged as one of the most popular and rapidly growing niches in the beauty industry. Lash Extensions are in high demand because they are the ultimate beauty shortcut. Clients can spend less time on their beauty routine and enjoy a boost of confidence. We focus on enhancing the natural beauty of one’s eyes– making them appear larger, brighter, and polished. Overall, lash extensions are a very appealing venture in a billion-dollar market, but we don’t stop there.

LashKind is a lash and brow franchise specializing in multiple services designed to make our guests look and feel beautiful. Born out of the Blo Blow Dry Bar concept, this emerging franchise offers different ways to increase revenue and support our franchise family.


As a beauty services franchise, LashKind provides a range of services for its clients. In addition to lash extensions, we also have lash lifts, brow shaping, brow lamination, and more. This selection makes LashKind an appealing destination for a broad customer base by attracting not only lash aficionados, but also individuals seeking a complete beauty experience. Offering an array of services allows our franchisees to cater to different preferences and ensures a steady flow of revenue.

Selling carefully curated, upscale retail and our thoughtfully designed branded product line provides another revenue stream for our franchise family. Our after-care-focused retail offerings enable our customers to extend the life of their services and protect their lashes and brows at home.


The beauty of owning a lash and brow franchise is the potential for building a large and loyal customer base. When you offer a full range of beauty services, you create opportunities for repeat visits from satisfied clients. Lash extensions and lifts, as well as our brow services, require regular touch-ups, allowing you to build lasting relationships with your clients.

Taking inspiration from Blo Blow Dry Bar and our sister brand MYNC, LashKind rewards client loyalty with a fabulous membership option for service visits, discounts on retail products and beauty services, and a free service on the member’s birthday. This membership option benefits our franchisees as much as the clientele because it helps provide predictable revenue, creates upselling opportunities, and increases retention rates.


Investing in a lash and brow franchise means entering a big market with a high demand for these specialized services, giving you a head start toward profitability. Our franchisees’ success is our number one priority and by creating multiple income streams, LashKind’s potential grows exponentially.

By offering various services, retail products, and memberships, this well-rounded business opportunity, set in a thriving industry, is meant to rise to stardom. To get more information, contact us today!

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