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The Beauty of Franchising With LashKind

Franchising is more advantageous than trying to go it alone. The business model found at Lashkind is backed by Blo Blow Dry Bar, it has established training and support, gorgeous professional branding, and a supportive network of other franchisees and experienced corporate teams.


Lash and brow styling services have grown in popularity over the years, with consumers seeking lush lashes and bold brows. Sometimes those starting a lash business have opted to go on their own and in each market, we find small, independent operators. However, franchising has its advantages and today, those interested in building a successful brow and lash business are wisely opting to go with an experienced partner and join the LashKind lash franchise instead.


While LashKind is a new brand for the US market, its sister company, MYNC Lash & Brow Bar, based in Toronto, Canada, is a well-established brow and eyelash business model that was founded in 2011 and has grown to 6 locations. MYNC was acquired by the highly successful Blo Blow Dry Bar, a hair salon franchise that originated the blow dry bar in 2007. Based on the success of over 150 Blo franchise locations, the team behind Blo has transformed MYNC into a pre-eminent eyelash franchise opportunity and rebranded it as LashKind for the US market.


LashKind franchisees benefit from the knowledge and experience of the Blo team, applying learnings and systems from Blo’s franchise success stories to the LashKind brow and lash franchise model.


The team’s appreciation of the value of a strong beauty franchise brand informed the design of the LashKind branding and marketing, ensuring that this eyelash franchise stands out with a beautiful look and feel, from its online presence to its physical stores.


Blo’s outstanding franchisee training methods and resources have been recreated for the LashKind system so that LashKind franchisees are well prepared to successfully grow their brow and lash business, knowing they have the built-in support of the head office team and tools. What’s more, LashKind franchisees can learn from the experience of Blo Blow Dry Bar franchisees who share best practices around staff management, marketing, and more, which can be applied to the LashKind franchise business.


Blo’s team has created valuable programs, proven in the Blo system to help drive customer loyalty and recurring revenue, for LashKind franchisees: a lash membership, a brow membership, and lash lift packages, all designed to save customers money and drive visit frequency.


Franchising clearly has its advantages. LashKind franchisees have the added advantage of an experienced franchisor bringing its expertise and proven systems to the LashKind brow and lash franchise business model. Click here to learn more about all that LashKind has to offer franchisees.

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