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6 Ways to Boost Your LashKind Franchise

Aspiring franchise owners, you’re not just entering the lash and brow business – you’re embarking on a journey to become a valued presence. In this blog, we’ll share six strategic ways to make this happen, by blending beauty know-how with impactful engagement, all while growing your company. 


  1. Sparkle at Local Beauty Expos

Showcase your LashKind talents at local beauty expos. This is your chance to shine, mesmerize potential clients, and leave them in awe of your lash and brow expertise.  


  1. Partner with Local Beauty Schools and Colleges

Be the mentor of tomorrow’s beauty experts by building partnerships with local beauty schools and colleges. Collaborate on workshops, sponsor student events, and be the brow-and-lash-extensions trendsetter in the beauty education scene. 


  1. Sponsorship Extravaganza for Local Schools/Teams

 Show off your franchise flair by becoming the official sponsor for local schools or sports teams. Attend events, share your high-brow beauty skills, and leave a lasting impression on potential clients who appreciate businesses that support their community. 


  1. Donate Glam for Special Occasions

This is a great opportunity to add some enchantment to people’s lives by donating makeovers for special occasions. From prom nights to charity galas, your LashKind touch will create memorable moments and have everyone talking about your fabulous franchise. 


  1. Seek Charity Auction Opportunities

Let your franchise shine with a heart of gold! Donate your services to charity auctions and show the world that beauty goes beyond the salon. Make a name for your business by being socially conscious and making a difference. 


  1. Offer a Training Program at an Open House

Unlock the secrets of sparkle at the LashKind Educational Open House! Invite clients to a glam-packed event featuring tips, demos, and hands-on training. Transform your franchise into a haven for beauty learning, and let the LashKind revolution begin! 

In closing, these strategies are not just about marketing; they’re about holding space and being a cornerstone in your community. LashKind isn’t just a franchise; it’s a dynamic journey––and you’re about to take the lead. Stay tuned for more insights, membership ideas, and success stories as we embark on the LashKind adventure together! Ready to learn more? Click Here to set up a time to chat with us. 


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